Board of Directors


Chair, Julie Lehman—Buncombe County

Vice-Chair, Katie Breckhelmer—Henderson County

Secretary, David Matz—Buncombe County

Treasurer, Ellen Carr—Buncombe County

Phillip Brown—Henderson County

Randall Boggs—Henderson County

Frances Jones—Henderson County

Pete Krull—Buncombe County

Lee Ann Mangone—Buncombe County

Luis Martinez—Buncombe County

Jan Partin—Henderson County

Jack Poisson—Buncombe County

Kimberly Price—Buncombe County

Robert Smith—Macon County


We value mountain communities that are vibrant, livable, and respectful of their connection to and dependence on the region’s natural environment.
We value the integrity of natural systems – air, land, water, and native plants and animals – and believe in protecting and restoring them for the benefit of all generations.