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Our mission is to protect and restore the communities, water quality, and ecological health of the watershed.


Donna Lisenby: lisenby.donna@gmail.com


  • Took legal action against three coal companies for more than 32,000 violations of the Clean Water Act, resulting in criminal investigations of the coal companies for falsifying records, and potentially totaling more than $1 billion in fines.
  • TVA Coal Ash Spill Response and Investigation; got my first-ever warning ticket for criminal trespass on a public waterway!
  • Helped plan and coordinate the largest act of civil disobedience against a dirty new coal plant in US history, with 44 arrests.
  • Helped create “The Dirty Lie” in partnership with trustees, Waterkeepers & staff

Check out this video of Donna in September 2010 with Alexandra Cousteau and Expedition Blue Planet in Kingston, Tenn., discussing the toll of “clean coal” on water quality, water ecosystems and the communities that lie fractured by the pollution of their waterways.

Clean Coal? Water Pollution at the Light Switch from Blue Legacy on Vimeo.