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The Broad River Alliance, a Waterkeeper Affiliate and affiliate of MountainTrue, is a collection of concerned citizens and organizations advocating for cleaner water, awareness and education of the Broad River, improved access, and broadened recreational opportunities within the Broad River Basin. The Broad River Basin includes 5,419 square miles within both North and South Carolina. Five Natural Heritage Program Priority Areas are in the basin: the Rollins/South Mountains Natural Area, Hickory Nut Gorge, the Green River Gorge, the Pacolet River Gorge and Pinnacle Mountain. These areas provide habitat for more than 100 rare plant and animal species and 24 rare natural communities. The Broad River Alliance works to protect and promote clean water for drinking, industry and recreation in Rutherford, Polk and Cleveland counties in addition to much of South Carolina through educating the public, recreation activities and fostering stewardship of the waterways.

Keep the Broad River Basin Clean

You can help the Broad River Alliance keep the Green, the Second Broad, and the First Broad rivers clean by volunteering with a clean up day or another river event. If you are interested in volunteering, contact David Caldwell at

David Caldwell

David Caldwell

Broad River Alliance Coordinator

David Caldwell is the leader of the Broad River Alliance, a Waterkeeper Affiliate. David moved into the Broad River watershed in 1987, after receiving an Engineering degree from Clemson University, and worked in manufacturing for several years in Shelby, NC. He has been fishing, paddling, and exploring the Broad River waterways for 27 years now.


Broad River Alliance News

Through Muddy Water Watch, volunteers go out hiking, biking, and driving to collect data about sources of sediment pollution. The data is used to work with the US Forest Service to repair damaged roads, culverts, and other sources of sediment to ensure these streams remain healthy.
After nearly a decade of work by WNCA (now MountainTrue), 11th District Congressman Heath Schuler, and many others, the long-proposed North Shore Road along the shore of Fontana Lake was put to rest. The people of Swain County were financially compensated in lieu of the originally promised road, and pristine streams, sensitive aquatic life and public land were preserved.