Internships & Jobs

2018-2019 AmeriCorps Forest Keeper Coordinator: The Forest Keeper Coordinator service position includes a combination of volunteer recruitment and coordination, on-the-ground stewardship on public lands, education, and data management. The position will include opportunities to learn from and network with conservation professionals from a variety of nonprofit organizations and government agencies. This service position will require frequent travel and work outdoors to provide an opportunity for the Forest Keeper Coordinator to become more familiar with the Blue Ridge Mountains. This service position will be supervised by the Ecologist & Public Lands Director who will provide training, support, and guidance. The Forest Keeper Coordinator will also benefit from knowledge, expertise, and training by other staff through the teamwork approach practiced among the diverse projects with MountainTrue. [Learn More]


2018-2019 AmeriCorps Outings & Education Coordinator: The Outings & Education Coordinator engages MountainTrue members and local residents in environmental protection in Western North Carolina through outings such as hikes and paddle trips, outreach programs and initiatives, and environmental education within the community. The coordinator will also serve as the project lead for educational events including the OLLI Ecology of the Southern Appalachians course and the No Man’s Land Film Festival. The coordinator will support MountainTrue’s racial equity work by creating programming specifically designed to engage communities of color in environmental conservation. The activities undertaken by this position will inform, inspire, and connect a broad public to the natural world and its delicate and often threatened ecosystems, thereby increasing general support for conservation efforts in our region. [Learn More]


2018-2019 Water Quality Coordinator: This position encompasses many facets: working with volunteers on many levels (recruiting, training, mentoring, organizing); learning and understanding meaningful ways to connect applied science to community needs at the local level; evaluating, designing, and implementing impactful programming for the betterment of the community and environment; and collaborating with all types of groups, from government agencies to civic organizations, school groups, other nonprofits, and community groups. The member is in charge of communications with the Water Quality Team, administers resources for all WQ-focused programs, and connects with the broader community to solve water quality challenges. [Learn More]


Summer 2018 Invasive Exotic Plant Control Coordinator at Sandy Bottom Forest Wetland:

The Sandy Bottom Forest Wetland near Asheville, NC is a protected area containing federal- and state-listed (rare and threatened) salamanders and reptiles. Several invasive exotic plants occur there, which threaten to displace native species and harm the wetland ecosystem that supports the wildlife community. MountainTrue has inventoried the invasive plant populations and locations on the tract and employed Interns over the last few years to implement a management plan to control these invasions and restore the native ecosystem. Previous Interns produced Final Reports with Recommendations on future management of Sandy Bottom invasive plant control. We are again enlisting the help of interns to continue management during the summer of 2018 to implement the past recommendations, along with advice and direction from the MountainTrue Ecologist. Much restoration work has been accomplished at Sandy Bottom and we look forward to keeping this progress going.

Restoring natural habitat through invasive exotic plant control is an important part of our organization’s Strategic Plan. MountainTrue focuses much of its forest restoration work in the area of invasive exotic plant inventory and control for over a decade, and our organization has developed extensive expertise in successful invasive plant control in mountain communities. This Internship would further our organizational goals and help to restore an important ecosystem. [Learn More]

We value mountain communities that are vibrant, livable, and respectful of their connection to and dependence on the region’s natural environment.
We value the integrity of natural systems – air, land, water, and native plants and animals – and believe in protecting and restoring them for the benefit of all generations.