One Percent for the Watauga is How Businesses Are Giving Back

In the High Country we know our community’s well-being and prosperity is tied directly to the health of our river.

Through One Percent for the Watauga, local businesses give back by donating part of their proceeds to help fund the work of the Watauga Riverkeeper – a program of MountainTrue and the protector of the Watauga River Watershed.

The Watauga Riverkeeper keeps our rivers safe for our families to paddle and play. We run a volunteer water monitoring program at 13 sites throughout the High Country, organizes regular river cleanups to rid the river of litter and trash, and serves as the first line of defense against pollution and other river threats.

It might sound intimidating, but it’s something any business can do. Some businesses are going all in by donating one percent of all profits, others are simply donating one percent of a specific product. Every dollar counts.

Andy Hill

Watauga Riverkeeper

Businesses participating in the initiative proudly display a decal on their shop window or water vehicles. Customers who want to show their support for the program can get a decal with the logo that proudly states “I Support Businesses that Support Our River” at participating businesses.

Through Muddy Water Watch, volunteers go out hiking, biking, and driving to collect data about sources of sediment pollution. The data is used to work with the US Forest Service to repair damaged roads, culverts, and other sources of sediment to ensure these streams remain healthy.
After nearly a decade of work by WNCA (now MountainTrue), 11th District Congressman Heath Schuler, and many others, the long-proposed North Shore Road along the shore of Fontana Lake was put to rest. The people of Swain County were financially compensated in lieu of the originally promised road, and pristine streams, sensitive aquatic life and public land were preserved.