Hazardous Waste

The French Broad Watershed is home to more than 30 inactive hazardous waste sites. (Source: EPA) These sites contain mild to extremely significant levels of toxic pollution. Many of these sites, such as the CTS site in Buncombe County, may be polluting ground water, surface water, or drinking water. We intend to conduct a review of these sites to determine their threat to the region’s water quality and drinking water sources. We will also look for opportunities to make improvements to these sites and better protect the public.

Barber Orchard – Waynesville, NC

Benfield Industries, Inc. – Waynesville, NC

Blue Ridge Plating – Arden, NC

Chemtronics, Inc. – Swannanoa, NC

CTS of Asheville – Skyland, NC

EcustaMill – Pisgah Forest, NC

General Electric /Shepherd Farm – East Flat Rock, NC

Former WNC Fairgrounds – East Flat Rock, NC

Lustar Dye – Asheville, NC

Baxter Oil 2 – Hendersonville, NC

Baxter Oil Former – Hendersonville, NC

Southside Gateway Park – Hendersonville, NC

Historic Cotton Mill – Hendersonville, NC

Grey Hosiery Mill – Hendersonville, NC

Former Dupont Brevard Facility – Cedar Mountain, NC

Palmetto Upholstery – Hendersonville, NC

Kimberly-Clark Berkely Mills – Hendersonville, NC

Haynes Wire Company – Mountain Home, NC

Heart of Fletcher 2 – Fletcher, NC

Heart of Fletcher 1 – Fletcher, NC

Former Tenneco Automotive – Arden, NC

Brae Burn Drive – Arden, NC

Chapel Hill Church Road – Asheville, NC

Tri-State Scrap Metal – Asheville, NC

Edaco Used Parts Recyclers – Asheville, NC

Karen Cragnolin Park 1 – Asheville, NC

Karen Cragnolin Park 2 – Asheville, NC

Historic Biltmore Village III, LLC – Asheville, NC

Historic Biltmore Village II, LLC – Asheville, NC

6 Fairview Road – Asheville, NC

Asheville Mica Co – Asheville, NC

WNC Stockyards – Asheville, NC

Day Tobacco Warehouse Property – Asheville, NC

The Old Wood Company – Asheville, NC

Asheville Ice & Storage – Asheville, NC

Former PSNC Site – Asheville, NC

The Tannery – Asheville, NC

Asheville Waste Paper – Asheville, NC

Glen Rock Hotel – Asheville, NC

ABCCM Providence Place – Asheville, NC

Andy’s Heating & Cooling – Asheville, NC

Eagle Market Development – Asheville, NC

Mt. Zion Community Development – Asheville, NC

Swannanoa Valley – Swannanoa, NC

Swannanoa Palmisano Property – Swannanoa, NC

Old Asheville Dye and Finishing Location – Swannanoa, NC

Reynolds Valley (Formerly Elk Mountain Landfill) 1 – Woodfin, NC

Reynolds Valley (Formerly Elk Mountain Landfill) 2 – Woodfin, NC

Drover’s Rest – Marshall, NC

Mill Spring School – Mill Spring, NC

Camp Branch Mercury Spill – Waynesville, NC

Benfield Industries, Inc. – Hazelwood, NC

Sylva Mystery Spill – Sylva, NC

Ecusta Mill Davidson River Release – Pisgah Forest, NC