July 25-27: Appalachian Barn Photography Workshop


Don McGowan

Join the Western North Carolina and Photographer Don McGowan (Earthsong Photography) for a very special weekend photography workshop (with all proceeds going to WNCA) to focus on Appalachian Barns.

“The Appalachian Barn Workshop: The Barns of Haywood and Madison Counties” is a three-day workshop that will take you to 11 historic and photogenic barns throughout Madison and Haywood counties. Don McGowan will offer a full day of field work in Madison and Haywood counties, a creative program and a full critique session.

Don’s love for nature began early on in his life. He grew up in the rolling Piedmont hills of Georgia, the child of farm children and the grandchild of farmers. As a teenager he spent much of his time exploring the forests, wetlands, and river valleys of the northern and central parts of his native Georgia. Later, during undergraduate and law school, his range expanded to include the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, as well as the swamps of the southeastern coastal plain. As Don moved into his working career, he discovered that rather than wanting to spend less time in Nature, he wanted to spend more. He has now been a professional nature photographer for 20 years.

The essence of what Don has learned:

“The images that we make are the reflections of our heart. From the moment we are born, and even sooner, we begin to receive impressions from the world around us; and, from those impressions, questions begin to be answered: What sort of place is this? Is it safe, or no? Does it mean me good or ill? What is this thing called beauty and how can I know it? What part do I play in all of this?

At some moment in time, the impressions begin to coalesce into pictures, the world takes on form, we become aware of elemental design; and these things stand before us within a context of light and shadow that is constantly changing. We see this with our eyes, in our minds, and within the core of our being. And we respond.

For some, the response is a verse, a song, the lines of a story; for others, it takes on shape and form: a bowl, the moldings of a sculptured body; for me, it became a photograph. For I have found over the years that I best connect with the world through the creation of images; I best express that connection through the medium of pictures; and I best share that expression – my love of this earth – through the eyes of a camera and lens.”

Earthsong Photography

EarthSong Photography


6:30 p.m. – This introductory meeting will serve to help get everyone well acquainted with one another and with Don. We will meet at the WNCA office for hors d’ oeuvres and drinks.


6:30 a.m. – Field Day. We’ll be out barn hopping and photographing all day! A carpool will be organized and lunch will be in Mars Hill.


EarthSong Photography

EarthSong Photography

8 a.m. – We will meet back at the WNCA office. Light breakfast and coffee will be served. Each participant will receive a personalized critique from Don in a group setting. The critiques will end around noon.


$275 for WNCA-members and $295 for non-members (includes a one-year membership). The cost of each ticket includes a $10 donation to the Appalachian Barn Alliance to help preserve the historic buildings.



A digital camera that allows raw capture.

People of all experience levels are invited to join!

**If you have any technical questions or concerns about your camera please contact Don McGowan at don@EarthSongPhotography.com or call him at 828.788.0687.


*Spots are very limited*

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