AmeriCorps Forest Keeper

AmeriCorps Position Title: Forest Keeper Coordinator
Service Term: September 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021
Address: 29 North Market Street, Suite 610; Asheville, NC 28801
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Summary of Position:

The Forest Keeper Coordinator service position includes a combination of volunteer recruitment and coordination, on-the-ground stewardship on public lands, education, and data management. The position will include opportunities to learn from and network with conservation professionals from a variety of non- profit organizations and government agencies. This service position will require frequent travel and work outdoors to provide an opportunity for the Forest Keeper Coordinator to become more familiar with the Blue Ridge Mountains. This service position will be supervised by the Ecologist & Public Lands Director who will provide training, support, and guidance. The Forest Keeper Coordinator will also benefit from knowledge, expertise, and training by other staff through the teamwork approach practiced among the diverse projects with MountainTrue.

Qualifications – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Education or experience in natural resources, biology, environmental science, and/or environmental education is preferred.
  • Strong organization skills, strong communication skills, project management skills, ability to work independently, and a gregarious personality are desired.
  • Education/knowledge in native and non-native plant identification is a plus, but not required.
  • The ability to work outdoors and maintain a positive attitude in inclement weather and in challenging conditions is a must.
  • Eligible applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States, and consent to a criminal history check.

Preferred Service Hours / Weekly Schedule: The preferred work schedule for the Forest Keeper Coordinator is 40 hours per week, typically 9-5 M-F. A number of weekend hours of work will, however, be required, so an appropriate number of weekdays/hours will be excused to offset these as determined by the member’s supervisor.

Position Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Participate in/present at conferences; high school and college PowerPoint presentations and workshops; designing and producing posters and brochures educating about, or promoting events relating to, nature education, forest ecology and management, non-native invasive plants and insects


  • Field inventory/data collection of non-native invasive plant species;
  • Same for the non-native invasive insect, emerald ash borer, which also includes ash tree (several species) ID and measurement training;
  • Manual and chemical treatment of non-native invasive plants, both along trails (National Forest, AT, state, municipal) and in conservation easements;
  • Participating in tree live-staking in riparian zones


  • The Forest Keeper Coordinator will be responsible for managing volunteers for occasional workdays at our Richmond Hill Park restoration initiative, and for several other invasive species removal workdays throughout their term. This includes teaching them restoration techniques, informing them of the risks associated, and supervising them during the workdays.
  • The Forest Keeper Coordinator is held responsible for helping to recruit volunteers in the spring to participate in our Save Our Ashes campaign which includes outreach to various parts of the community, hosting training workshops, delegating the volunteers to certain areas of our forests, and managing the data that they collect (which can include corresponding with them regularly).
  • The Forest Keeper Coordinator will also help coordinate our annual BioBlitz, which will entail the recruitment and management of up to 50 volunteers.
  • Occasionally the Forest Keeper Coordinator may be expected to help write up volunteer protocols for certain projects.
  • The Forest Keeper Coordinator is expected to keep detailed records of volunteer personnel (including names and contact, liability waivers, hours served, and frequency of participation

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to fulfilling host site service responsibilities, all Project Conserve members are required to fully participate in team trainings, service projects and statewide AmeriCorps events. Project Conserve team events will occur approximately twice per month in locations throughout the service area and may require up to three overnight stays.


Equipment / Software Used: Office computer; ArcGIS program; GPS unit; Camera; Cruzall; Biltmore Stick, loggers tape Physical Demands: Hiking distances, level and steep slopes; variable weather conditions and temperatures; insects; proximity to poison ivy; traversing boggy soil conditions and rock outcrops; thorny vegetation; carrying equipment onto and off of work sites; staying hydrated. Transportation Needs: Personal transportation required; carpooling, perhaps as driver (possibly involving a van for passengers). Setting/Location of Service Activities: Forests: trails and off-trail; field and stream edges; logging roads; wetland bogs; dry ridges Other Considerations: Logistical planning/prep/scheduling for field events

  • Using computer software and online programs for conservation-based education and outreach initiatives, including social networking, written articles and press releases
  • Leading, coordinating, and interacting with diverse individuals in field-based and office settings (ex. landowners, students, low-income residents, partner organizations).
  • Developing and implementing educational programs and events for groups (presentations, workshops, educational hikes and outings, etc).
  • Training, supporting, coordinating, and recognizing volunteers for conservation-based volunteer opportunities.
  • Conducting field-based monitoring, assessment, and management of conservation properties, public lands, and/or water quality monitoring sites.
  • Using mapping software and other computer programs to create quality reports, management plans, maps, and/or analysis, based on field data

AmeriCorps Project Conserve Application Websites:

We value mountain communities that are vibrant, livable, and respectful of their connection to and dependence on the region’s natural environment.
We value the integrity of natural systems – air, land, water, and native plants and animals – and believe in protecting and restoring them for the benefit of all generations.