Ask Bob – Answered

We asked you to send us any questions you had for our Public Lands Director, Bob Gale. You sent us some great questions that you can find answered in the video below. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, check the outline to jump straight to a topic that interests you.


Susan F: 0:45 (unripe figs), 2:30 (gingko tree care)
Sarah G: 3:33 (English ivy)
Danny L & Paul C: 5:12 (multiflora rose)
Nancy B, Melanie F, Sarah G, Paul C: 6:40 (poison ivy)
Melanie F & Sarah G: 8:00 (wisteria & honeysuckle)
Linda A: 9:15 (periwinkle)
Suzi J: 10:40 (non-native invasives), 13:00 (mound builder ants)
Valeria T: 14:15 (Japanese knotweed)
Jim N: 16:02 (guides)
Leslie W: 17:00 (lambs ear/mullein)
Crystal L: 19:05 (privet)