Broad River Keeper Swim Guide Intern

Position Description:
Wednesdays:  Driving to each sample site (approx. 120 miles), collecting samples, processing samples in the lab. Also, working with volunteers who collect samples. Photography for social.
Thursdays:   Analyze the samples in the lab, clean the lab and remove trash, enter results in the Swim Guide App, enter the data into a spreadsheet. Help with social media posts.

Start date:  5/25/22 (the Wednesday before Memorial Day)
End date:  9/1/22 (the Thursday before Labor Day)

Work schedule: Approximately 10 hours per week. Typically: 7 hours on Wednesday (9am-4pm), work must be complete by 5pm and then 3 hours on Thursday (between 9 and 1:30) depending on when samples go into the oven.

Compensation: Hourly rate: $17.50 with mileage reimbursed at: $0.56 per mile.

Location: This position will work with our Broad Riverkeeper who has a lab in downtown Shelby. The samples will be collected in Cleveland and Rutherford counties

A cover letter is required with your application form. Please answer the following questions in your letter:

  • Where are you residing?
  • Do you have reliable transportation?
  • How are your computer skills?
  • Do you have a trailer hitch on your car or truck? (brainstorming for other possibilities!)

Including a resume is optional. Apply through this form.