Gift Planning

Your planned gift is a unique opportunity to ensure that our mountain region is protected far into the future. Many planned gifts lower the tax burden on yourself and your loved ones, or can provide income for life. Let’s work together to create your legacy,

Know Your Options

Planned giving comes in many shapes and sizes. We encourage you to explore your options and choose what works best for your unique situation. MountainTrue’s staff isare happy to speak with you to discover which methods may work best. Before making a decision, be sure to speak with a qualified attorney and/or financial advisor to find the best fit for your situation.


Give With Your Will

Bequests are by far the most popular option available to donors who plan to give through their will or estate plan. Simply make a provision in your will stating the amount and type of assets you would like to leave to MountainTrue. Bequests can be a sum of money, percentage of your estate, or specific property(ies) such as real estate, stocks, bonds, jewelry, or works of art. Click here to begin exploring your options.

Already have a will but want to add MountainTrue to your estate plan? Download this simple template to help get things started.


Make MountainTrue a Beneficiary

List MountainTrue as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy or retirement plan. A donor can avoid federal estate tax by naming MountainTrue as the primary beneficiary (or contingent beneficiary) of a life insurance policy. Likewise, you can leverage your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan to pass the remaining amount to MountainTrue at the end of your lifetime.


Give and Receive Income

Set up a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with MountainTrue and you may be eligible for an immediate tax deduction while receiving income for life. CGA’s are a contract between the donor and MountainTrue where cash, securities, or other assets are transferred to a trust. The donor receives regular payments based on their age at the time of the gift. Upon passing of the donor (and spouse if given as a couple), the remaining amount goes to MountainTrue. Other options include Deferred Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Click here for a more complete list of giving options.