Rockhouse Creek Hike

*** Alert: If the parking area for the Rockhouse Creek Trail is crowded, it may be difficult or impossible to hike this trail while practicing safe social distancing. Please consider returning to do the hike at another, less busy time. And before you do any hike, brush up on our our COVID-19 trail etiquette guide.***

This hike is a favorite of our Western Regional Director, Callie Moore. This lesser known trail is a short, low grade hike that everyone can enjoy. In the summer, this trail does have a lot of poison ivy, so pants are recommended. While you’re on the trail, please remember to practice good COVID-19 trail etiquette so we can enjoy our natural spaces in a way that is safe for ourselves and others.

If you’re a pro-scriber to AllTrails, you can open the map in your AllTrails app from the link on the right. Make sure to download the map before you go so you can still access it from the trail.

You can download a map of the trail and a guide to what we saw along the way by clicking on the buttons below. We recommend opening the map in Avenza, a free app that allows you to store maps on your phone. You can find details about how to use Avenza here. If apps aren’t for you, you can also just save the map to your phone or print it out ahead of time.

If you take a look at the map, you’ll notice it has labeled points. Those points correspond to the Rockhouse Creek Trail Guide, which you can also download or print before you go. It includes descriptions and images of what caught our eyes as we hiked.

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