What’s your favorite WNC swim hole?

Hartwell - VineWNCA is bringing a cool app to the region called Swim Guide that will  direct users to the closest and cleanest swim holes.

Water quality data is sourced from government agencies to provide information on the levels of E. Coli in the swim hole of the app user’s choice.

But we need your help to make Swim Guide as complete as possible!

 Help us populate our app by emailing Erin@wnca.org with the names/locations of your favorite WNC swim holes.

We aim to have Swim Guide available by this spring/summer.






  1. Not only will this be detrimental to the resource and promoting the exact opposite of your mission, it could also point people in the direction of potential dangerous swim areas. Dam and water intakes have become popular swim holes recently. Very short sighted. Are you taking legal responsibility for promoting these sites?

    • We are publishing well known swim holes in order to let me people know the water quality conditions at those locations. We are not promoting secret places to swim. We are letting people know if there is a high level of E. coli in their swimming hole before taking a dip. As the Riverkeeper the number one question I get asked is, “is my stream clean for swimming.” The swim guide will be a good start to answer that question.


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