Do you value our sparkling mountain streams and rivers? The abundance of wildlife in our public forests? Our rolling farmland, deeply rooted in our culture and vital to the local economy? All of these are at risk — without your help.

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Blue_Ridge_NCURGENT: Oppose clean energy roll-back bill 

Some lawmakers are pushing a bill (H332) that would undercut North Carolina’s growing clean energy industry by freezing our commitment to renewable energy. This provision recently passed in a different bill, H760, but was moved to H332 in the Senate this week. CALL and write your senator NOW asking they oppose this bill! 


SO2 insetSpeak out against unsafe levels of Sulfur Dioxide pollution from Duke Energy’s Asheville coal plant 

A new report shows that neighborhoods around Asheville are impacted by elevated levels of SO2 pollution from the Asheville coal plant. Right now the local air quality agency is updating the air pollution for this plant and they need to hear from you. Submit your comments now through May 11! 

thirdpartysalesSQUARESupport Energy Freedom in North Carolina

Good news! The Energy Freedom Act (HB245) would boost renewable energy in North Carolina and is gaining support across the state from both parties, major businesses and environmental advocates. Add your voice now!



BigIvy_BoyWaterfallTell the Forest Service: Don’t Cut Big Ivy!

Big Ivy, a section of the Pisgah National Forest in Buncombe County, contains one of Appalachia’s largest and most biologically diverse old-growth forests. The US Forest Service’s draft management plan currently puts much of Big Ivy on the chopping block by prioritizing timber production over recreation and ecological protection. Speak out now! 


forestviewSpeak up for Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests!

Western North Carolina is home to more than a million acres of national forest which are vital to our local ecosystems and economies. The US Forest Service is currently developing management plans that will determine the future of these forests for decades to come. Submit your comments TODAY asking our National Forests be managed in the best interest for all who enjoy and depend on them!





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