Green Energy

Our communities deserve clean, sustainable, homegrown energy. We believe North Carolina can lead the South into a 21st-century energy economy that’s built to last.

MountainTrue is dedicated to helping North Carolina communities reduce their energy footprint and fossil fuel usage. We have been working with local community members, policymakers and Duke Energy to bring our area sustainable solutions for our ever-growing energy needs.

Our Successes

MountainTrue has been involved in environmental activism and energy conservation for decades to ensure that our region is moving towards sustainable energy solutions. Together, with local support from partner organizations and our engaged community, we have secured the retirement of Duke Energy’s Asheville coal plant, kept large transmission lines from cutting through our communities, helped residents find energy savings and worked with local and state government towards a future with cleaner energy.


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The Blue Horizons Project

With a growing population and increasingly technology-dependent culture, the energy needs of Buncombe County have grown – and continue to grow – significantly larger. Soon, our energy demand will strain our ability to meet it. If our demand continues to increase at its current rate, in five short years we won’t have the capacity to meet it.

In our area, it’s winter that presents the greatest challenge. During the coldest days, the amount of energy we need to heat our homes spikes sharply.

The Blue Horizons Project is all about making a clean energy future a reality in Buncombe County and preserving our skies and waters for generations to come. Here you’ll find resources, tips and information for the first step in that journey – making your home and business more energy efficient.

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To read an op/ed about the Blue Horizons Project co-authored by MountainTrue Co-Director Julie Mayfield, click here.


Become a Member of the Recycling and Waste Team in Henderson County

This task force promotes city, county and regional recycling programs (including curb-side pick-up) and advocates to improve Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle programs. The Recycling and Waste Team educates the public and policymakers about best practices by speaking at Commission meetings, writing letters-to-the-editor, holding public forums, contacting schools and businesses, and organizing eco-tours. For more information or to become a committee member, email MountainTrue’s Southern Regional Director Gray Jernigan at

Climate Listening Project

Started here in WNC, the Climate Listening Project is a visual and social storytelling project focusing on conversations about climate disruption and resilience in North Carolina, around the country and the world. The stories talk about how climate impacts communities in a variety of ways through family, faith, business, food, rivers, birds, and more. To learn more and see additional videos …


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Energy and Sustainability News

Celebrate Earth Day with MountainTrue

Celebrate Earth Day with MountainTrue

For six years, MountainTrue members kept the pressure on Duke Energy and the state Department of Environmental Quality. You are part of that legacy. Your support held Duke Energy accountable. Recent victories are an important reminder that your activism can change the course of history.

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Thank Asheville City Council for Making Public Transit Their #1 Priority!

Thank Asheville City Council for Making Public Transit Their #1 Priority!

At their retreat on March 8, City Council made improving Asheville’s public transit system their number one priority. This is a big deal: it means City Council has publicly committed to putting a better public transit system – one that runs on time, all day and more often for riders who depend on it – at the very top of their list. Join the Asheville Regional Transit Coalition in thanking City Council here!

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“Moving Beyond Coal”: An Overview of MountainTrue’s Recent Energy Advocacy By Katie Breckheimer

“Moving Beyond Coal”: An Overview of MountainTrue’s Recent Energy Advocacy By Katie Breckheimer

MountainTrue’s Board Chair Katie Breckheimer has another article on Blue Ridge Now. Check it out here to read up on MountainTrue’s recent clean energy victories, and learn how we can all pitch in to delay or avoid the construction of another fossil-fuel power plant through the Blue Horizons Project. 

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