Western Regional Office 

The Western Regional Office is located in Murphy, serving communities in Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Swain, Graham, Clay and Cherokee counties in North Carolina, and Town and Union counties in Georgia.

90 Tennessee St. Suite D
Murphy, NC 28906
Phone (828) 837-5414


Callie Moore, Western Regional Director

envelope callie@mountaintrue.org
phone (828) 837-5414

Tony Ward, Western Regional Program Coordinator

envelope tony@mountaintrue.org
phone (828) 837-5414

High Country News

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The Not-So-Micro Issue of Microplastics

The Not-So-Micro Issue of Microplastics

In our most recent blog post, our High Country Water Quality Administrator Hannah Woodburn explains that while personal change is important, our consumer choices alone are not enough to fix the plastics pollution crisis. Check out Hannah’s post to learn more about the history of plastic pollution, ongoing legislation to combat the issue and our sampling program to identify microplastics in WNC’s waters.

January 2021 E-Vistas Newsletter

January 2021 E-Vistas Newsletter

Take Action For A Healthier Pigeon River Please email the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and speak up for stricter discharge permits for the Canton paper mill to help clean up the Pigeon River. The new draft permit for Blue Ridge Paper Products as proposed...